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The Only Myrtle Forest in the World

While in Bariloche, Argentina, make sure you take the time to visit the Arrayanes National Park. The Myrtle forest is the only one IN THE WORLD! The trees are very unique and their trunks are smooth and a tan colour. The trees are approximately 300 years old!

Myrtle trees

We decided to rent bikes and visit the forest on our own. There are clear indications and the National Park has signs you can read and learn about the trees.

How to get there:

You can book a tour that will take you for a full or half day tour to the National Park.

If you prefer going on your own, you just take a bus or taxi from Bariloche and ask for Victoria island. Once you get to the island, you have three options to get to the forest:

– Enjoy free hiking on the island
– Rent bikes and bike to the forest
– Cruise (to and from the forest)

View on the Lake, Victoria Island