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Top 3 things to do in/around Curitiba

First time to Brasil, and I was SO excited once the visa was approved! I had no idea where I was going and because my hubby had already been, I did NO planning. Not even for what type of clothes to bring. And so we were off on a jet plane… to Curitiba, our first destination in the south of Brasil, in the state of Parana.

We toured around the whole city and so I chose to share my favourite things:

  • The Botanical Garden: If you are in Curitiba, this place is a must! It is great to take pictures, visit the greenhouse and smaller gardens, have a snack or just take in some sun.


  • Historical Center: Enjoy the historical buildings, cafés, restaurants, bars and more as you walk around Curitiba’s historical center. On Sundays, there is a market you can walk around and shop in.


  • Oscar Niemeyer Museum: Anyone who even slightly enjoys architecture and design should visit this museum! Oscar Niemeyer was an important Brazilian architect who designed many buildings in Brasilia and overseas. The building itself is different and impressive inside and out.




Ilha do Mel

Translated into English, this island is known as honey island. It is a little hidden paradise where the ecosystems are flourishing and where you can let nature takes over your senses.

You can get to the port by car or by bus from Curitiba. It takes approximately 2 hours. From the port, you take a short boat ride to the island.


One thing I regret is not spending one (or more!) nights on the island. There are many rustic lodges and cute places (known in Portuguese as pousadas) where you can rent a room right by the beach. The calmness of the island, people walking or bicycling give it a very laid back vibe. The views are stunning, the white sandy beaches, the surfing, the fortress, the amazing fried fish all make it a little place you won’t want to leave.

I definitely recommend you take a trip to Ilha do Mel if you are in the Curitiba area!