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Chillin in the Caribbean!

We arrived in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in theprovinceofLimoninCosta Ricaon Sunday the 21rst. The bus ride from the capital to theCaribbeancoast was about 4.5hs and everything was soooooooo green and beautiful. We also saw many trucks with very familiar brands such as Del Monte and Chiquita (BANANAS!!!). According to the guide book, Rocking J’s is the pick and party hostel. We got there and even though it is all pretty and big with mosaics everywhere, the dorms we were in was super crowded and not the cleanest. To top it off, the price was 4$ a night more than what we thought. Luckily, as we walked around later on, we found this little place owned by two Germans fromBerlinand fell in love with it. The lady was nice enough to give us a little discount because we told her we would stay for 4 nights.

It is great also because we have a kitchen at our hostel and can cook for ourselves.Costa Ricais pretty expensive, especially coming fromNicaragua, where everything was half the price. We got free sausages from the people who left the day we arrived at the hostel. Ironicly, we had bought the same ones, and so, sausage has been on the menu for almost all three meals a day, we are becoming sausages ourselves.

I now sit in a hammock at my hostel which is called Vista Verde for the simple reason that everywhere we look around us is green; big green trees, palm trees, leaves and many flowers. There are little lizards that run around and we hear the frogs at night. Yesterday we saw a sloth (paresseux) in one of the trees. He was very close and moved soooooooooo slowly! Today we rented bikes and went to snorkel at Punta Uva. It was awesome! The reefs were really big and are the only living reefs inCosta Rica. There are over 400 species of fish and 35 different types of coral and the water is supposedly the clearest in the country. Tomorrow, I will be doing two dives and exploring further down into the ocean, can’t wait. The mission has been to see a toucan on our bike rides and walks, but so far we have been unlucky, maybe tomorrow.

Our daily ritual is actually going for fresh fruit juice everyday, yummm! Strawberry, pineapple, starfruit!!

Unfortunately, time flies when you are having fun and Friday is already time for Cassy to head back toCanadaand for me to go off toPanama, more to come!




Costa Rica…it was a loooong ride here

So Thurday the 18th was our departure from the island back to Managua the capital, because Chanelle was leaving. During the night I started a fever, I was cold, hot but still managed to get some sleep. However, the day was a long one and included alot of ibuprofene. When we got to the airport Cass and I wanted to buy our flight to Corn Island, but it turned out to be more than what we were told by other travelers. We were disappointed, but it would have been very expensive to go just for 3 days, so we decided to leave for Costa Rica instead. We arrived at the airport and waited there about 5hs until Chan got her boarding pass. When Cass and I arrived at the hotel, we took my temperature and I was at 103.8F/40C. We slept a bit and took a 10 hours bus to San Jose (we arrived yesterday, the 19th). I went to bed very early and got some good sleep. But this morning, still not feeling well I went to the doctor. The clinic’s building was amazing: the inside had trees, plants, fountains. Turns out I have a bug/bacteria in my body. So I am now on antibiotics. The doctor said I would be better by Monday with what he gave me. So we took it easy in San Jose, napped, watched a movie and now we are cooking our supper and leaving tomorrow for the Caribbean Coast so we can relax on the beach. Once I am better we will go snorkeling and biking and stuff but for the next few days its relaxing relaxing and more relaxing. I need a book. And headphones because mine broke.