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Back in Canada

After the lovely time spent in Peru, working, volunteering and traveling, it was time to come back home (again). However, this time was much easier than the last. I had many exciting things to look forward to: summer, starting a new job, starting my masters, moving into an apartment.

To my surprise, finding the apartment downtown Montreal was quick, and an easy decision. A friend from University told me his sister was moving out and that the person who was going to take up the room ended up leaving the city for personal reasons. So I made the deal and planned to move out for the first week of September.

As for finding a job, well…I ended up working at least 25 hours a week at my old job, as well as small contracts at a pool or for the provincial elections. Meanwhile, I have been searching for something more in my field. But this has resulted quite difficult. The fact that I might not have direct experience in what I would like to do is one thing. The fact that the economy and so many people are looking for work is another. This makes the selection process much more complex for employers, as they receive many resumes and applications.

I have had some discouragements at times, for not hearing back from anyone. Then when I do, I get overly happy and excited, which has not resulted in anything very positive.

Last week, I moved into my new room, reorganized everything and I am now ready to tackle the job market and continue applying to various jobs. As a last resort, I know I can get a job in a coffee shop or bar while I continue applying for other jobs.

In a little more than a week, I will be having a special visit from Peru and at the beginning of October, I will be starting my masters. Lots of positive things coming up!


It’s always about food!

Last night, I took a 30 minute taxi with a friend of my boyfriend. The taxi driver asked me things like where I was from, what I did, how the weather was in Canada. I, in return, also asked him where he was from, how old his kids were etc. After all the chit chatting, it seemed like we had nothing more to say. Then, one question changed the rest of the drive: So what Peruvian food did you try and what did you like the most?  Causa, ceviche, guinea pig, chupe de camarones etc so much food came up and we exchanged preferences, which region is the best to eat a certain food, which restaurant is good for what etc etc! We could have gone on and on without realizing we were in the next city, there was so much to say and talk about. Later on that night, we got together with a group of people that were starting their travels in Peru. We went to a restaurant, ate, talked about many things, including food. It just made me realize how food is a main subject of conversation anywhere you go, whoever you are with… and therefore…food=social.

Since a very young age, our parents tell us how important it is to have a good, healthy, big breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. Then, lunch is also very important because it is what fuels us to go on for the rest of the day and it is what gives our brain its energy to think and work and study. Then dinner, well, that is family time, and it is also important. We eat 3 times a day, maybe even more for some of us, or if you count snacks. Inevitably, food is part of our daily lives, our routine, and we just LOVE it.

I remember a few months ago, I was having dinner with some friends, and talking about food. It is something so social and important in our daily lives. We get together with friends, we have a bottle of wine, we cook, we sit down and we eat good food. Often, unconsciously, while we are eating we find ourselves talking about food, other types of food, what we had last week etc etc.

During the English class I was giving on Wednesday, the conversation seemed to have died….and then it revived when we starting talking about food: what you like, what you don`t, what food is exported from Peru, what is produced etc. We also talked about the marketing of food: Peruvian cuisine has increased in international popularity mainly because in the last few years it has properly been marketed. Although you are a group of strangers from different backgrounds, the one thing there is always something to say or talk about seems to be food.

As women, it seems like we ALWAYS talk about food: what diet we tried, which one worked, which one didn`t, what has more sugar, or less calories , how many pounds we lost, what food helped us loose or gain those extras.

The recurring joke in my family for someone who loves to eat and is not picky with what they eat is: His favorite dish: food. This is completely directed to my brother, who loves to eat, who stays skinny and eats what he wants and as much as he wants.

In the end, I believe that we only live once, and those of us who enjoy having good food should not worry about the points we get with what we eat, but rather enjoy the company we are with while eating what we love and just keep talking about food.

Introduction to this new year, and chapter of my life

Going back home was, to my surprise, harder than I thought it would be. The excitement of 2011 had ended and I was back home, back to a much more quiet and slow paced live. I was so happy to see my friends and my family, but then, people’s lives continued and mine was on a pause. I’ll put it in a way someone explained it to me: it was like being on a very strong drug and then when you stop, comes the withdrawal.  I was in a transition phase; not only did I just come back from a year abroad, but I was faced with the post graduation “what the hell do I do next”. So I went back to my old jobs, teaching skiing and lifeguarding, just to get out of the house and to keep me busy, while I figured out my next steps.

It was difficult, I had ups and I had downs. There was a lot of confusion; I didn’t know what I wanted to do or where I wanted to be. I was in Rigaud, I had no car and felt de-motivated. Then, in February came Jose Juan to visit. I would be lying if I said that this had nothing to do with what was going to come next. February went by fast, as it always does, but I don’t think it has anything to do with the number of days, there is just something about February. After much contemplation, many debates, many pros and cons lists, I decided on Wednesday March 14th to buy my one way ticket to Peru, leaving on the 16th. To many this might have seemed like a quick and unthought decision, but it was well thought out and now here I am continuing my blog because I am once again, for the third time, back inSouth America.