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5 Favourite Coffee Shops in Lima

Coffee in Peru has its history… but in the last few decades, it has mainly focused on exportation. Many locals throughout the country prefer to drink the Nescafe powder instead of good coffee in the French press for instance. 

When I came for the first time in 2009, it was really difficult to have a good cup of Joe. One thing that was weird to me was this coffee extract they mix with hot water. 

However, in the last two years, especially in Lima, there has been an explosion of small coffee shops and barista schools. 

So here it is, when you come to Lima, these are the coffee shops I have found that are low key, have a nice vibe, but can also make a really good cup of coffee.

El pan de la chola
I have loved this place ever since it had only a few tables. Now, although the space has considerably grown, I know I can always get a cappuccino exactly the way I love it.

Green Coffee/Cafe Verde
Green Coffee also does its own roasting. The small space always smells delicious, and they provide coffee for other shops, like El pan de la chola. 

Arabica offers a really nice ambiance, and delicious coffee. I always ask for a double macciatto here.

Right near Parque Kennedy, in the heart of Miraflores, this small cafe allows you to sit outside and watch all the people walking by. Although it is not the most quiet place, it is perfect to meet with friends and their coffee is delicious!

Puku Puku
Puku Puku has two coffee shops and one is right near the Marriott and Larcomar in Miraflores. It is very tiny, but they promote organic coffee from the Andes and the Amazon.



Downtown Lima!

First we went on this hill to view the city. I had never realized how IMMENSE Lima really is! The city itself is alright, you can go by the water which is nice, but some areas I probably will never end up going to. The hill where we were had a special view, not only did you see the whole city, but on one side of the hill you could see rich houses and apartments, with green grass and football fields. The other side however, was full of garbage and small houses made of cardboard. The people that live on this side normally the workers that have to walk all the way to the other side to work for the owners of the new, pretty, rich houses. This made me kind of sad, but it is reality and it only makes me more grateful for the things that I have.

Our next destination was the center ofLima; the main plaza is huge and there is the cathedral and a government building right by it. All other buildings are bright yellow. We went to theSan Franciscochurch. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991; being one of the most important places of the city. Unfortunately pictures were not allowed but I managed to find some on the internet. The library I think was the most impressive: It was not only beautiful, but also contains 25 000 books in various languages, some of which pre date the conquest. However, this church is famous mainly for its catacombs, which were used until 1808. The catacombs were only discovered in 1943 by archaeologists. It is estimated that about 10,000-15,000 people were imprisoned and died under the church. The guide brought us down there, but we only got to see a fraction of the tunnels, catacombs, bones and rooms; which was fine by me as it was scary and a little disturbing. 

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