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What to eat/drink in Northern Spain

The Northern version of traditional tapas. These are actually double or triple the size than the ones I remember having in Andalusia. You can get wide varieties, from fish or seafood to cured ham. In San Sebastian, most restaurants offer pintxos, it is their way to have dinner.

This slightly sparkling, dry white wine is from the Basque region. Traditionally, this wine is served before meals, in a regular glass, and you only pour half an inch of it in everyone’s glass.

Jamón ibérico de bellota
The absolute finest cured ham available on the market. It is made from free range pigs that are on an acorn diet. This type of cured ham has been prized for its smoothness and rich, savoury flavour. 

Traditional sheep cheese
Known as Idiazabal, this pressed cheese is made from unpasteurised sheep milk. The cheese is aged for several months and you can try the smoked and un-smoked versions. It has a nut/buttery flavour and is typically served with quince jam.


Spain: 3 Must-See Basque Villages

If, during your Eurotrip, you are planning to go to San Sebastian, do not make the city your only stop in the Basque country. Of course, the coast is great and the beaches are nice, but make sure you also go inland and visit the country side.

The lush green valleys, the small villages, the cows and their bells in the fields are all part of a unique experience in Northern Spain.

We visited these 3 small towns/villages, and did not see ONE tourist. The people were nice, the food was great and I highly recommend them!


In the center of the town, the church dates back from the 15th-16th century. Today, Zegama is known for his cultural and sports events and festivals. Internationally, the town is renown for its world-class marathon that offers spectacular views and its challenging route. Local horse, cattle, and honey contests are organised during the year as well.



This town is so charming and has kept its medieval vibes. There are 5 main gates to enter the city and you can walk the cobble stone streets and admire every building on the way.  There are many hiking trails in the area. One that I would highly recommend is the Txindoki mountain (1346m): a great hike if you are in the area with the best views!


The view on the valley and the other small villages from here is really nice, especially on a sunny day like the one we had. We ate at a restaurant Ostatua. In 1711, this building was a municipal jail and it is the only one that has been preserved. This fact aside, the food was delicious.

In Zerain, there is a small museum that shows the small village and its people throughout in time. The museum disposes of many antiques of what people used in their every day life. Everyone here has their own farm, bee hives, and many are carpenters.